1. i quite enjoy sipping cold beverages from tin mugs

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  2. a lot of carpets

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  3. very nearly lost it

    that was quite a huge scare

    and it’s the 18th of April mmm jumpy period

    i am so thankful and so glad that all is well i just want to remember again what matters most and that is people


  4. i quite like the sound of the word ‘nervous’ when it is sung in a song

    (Never Gonna Leave This Bed - Maroon 5)


  5. is it strange that when people say

    "i hope all your dreams come true"

    the first thing that i think of are my nightmares coming to life


  6. 1 Peter 1:24

    "all of us are flowers in a field, and our accolades and achievements mere pollen…"



  7. But Happiness Is More Elusive Right So Wow Weaaaow Woooowowaweewa

    it is a very strange feeling

    "hey why’re you in school!"

    "ah, to collect that judicial review essay"

    "ah.. was it ok?"

    "nope :-/"

    "it’s ok!!! i got C+!!"

    "eh. me too."

    "aha o well let’s press on. all the best :-) "


    but so it is


  8. What Matters Most

    ”.. as sloth I say hi to sloth it say bye to me I say ok then I go home”


  9. i have no fear now